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​PhysCon Unites Undergraduate Physics Majors Across The Globe

August 5, 2016


Every four years, physics students, university faculty, and industry leaders gather for the Quadrennial Physics Congress or PhysCon.

TLU physics faculty and students are looking to join around 1000 undergraduate physicists on November 3-5 in Silicon Valley for a weekend filled with professional development, debates concerning common issues within the physics community, and visits to iconic scientific venues.

Sponsored by Sigma Pi Sigma (SPS), the national physics honor society, this cutting-edge meeting will immerse participants in the 2016 theme “Unifying Fields: Science Driving Innovation.” TLU students will also get behind-the-scenes tours of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the NASA Ames Research Center, and Google X—birthplace of the self-driven car.

TLU Physics Department Chair and former SPS National Director Professor Toni Sauncy sees the event as a once in a lifetime opportunity for TLU physics majors to not only explore graduate programs and workforce options, but be inspired by renowned physicists at the forefront of science and technology.

“This conference is by far the most exciting one I’ve ever been to in my professional career,” Sauncy said. “It’s essential for undergraduate students to attend and bond with their peers. Physics majors are only a handful of people on most college campuses so it’s very beneficial for them to be surrounded by students who are doing the same work they’re doing. The networking opportunities and research presentations are also invaluable. For anyone who’s able to attend, the experience is truly transformational.”

TLU Physics is counting on friends and alumni to help support this amazing opportunity for students to engage on an international stage. All TLU students who attend will present original research and outreach. If you’re interested in helping send students to PhysCon 2016, please email

Physics Department Chair Professor Toni Sauncy at TLU's Family Physics Night Event with special guest Dr. Christopher Rogan. Dr. Rogan is a member of the Harvard ATLAS group working at the CERN Super Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, who gave a lecture titled "The CERN Super Collider, Searching for new particles, forces and phenomena."