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​Dorm Decorating Makeover

August 8, 2016


By Sarah Neill

For some students starting their freshman year of college, the decision between living at home or living in a residence hall can be a hard choice. That decision may be just as tough for the parents. TLU faculty and staff believe students really benefit from living on campus, and with over 90% of our freshmen and over 80% of the overall student body living on campus, it appears students and parents agree. While academics are the priority, the opportunity to develop leadership and social skills outside the classroom while making life-long friends is a valuable part of a college experience.

Campus Culture 

Living on campus means students have access to their peers at any time. This can make attending club meetings or joining intramural teams a breeze. Living with diverse students helps teach students valuable social skills outside the classroom. Residence Assistants (RA’s) plan activities to help students meet their neighbors and have fun at their new home.


Studies prove students who live on campus outperform their commuting counterparts. With constant access to academic support and the ability to easily form study groups, students living in residence halls can study anytime, anywhere and with any of their peers. Students who live on campus are also more likely to graduate in four years and have a higher GPA.


While living on campus may seem more expensive up front, students may actually spend less on living expenses compared to living in an apartment. With residence halls providing cable, internet service, electricity, water, and maintenance, students can focus on academics without worrying about monthly bills. Students on campus also save money on gas and save time by not commuting.


Parents may worry about sending their student away from home, but living on campus provides a safe environment for young adults to explore who they are as individuals. It provides an opportunity to expand their social skills and learn conflict resolution with resources to help, such as RA’s. Students must learn to prioritize and manage their time efficiently. The traditional residential college experience offered at TLU helps students gain the maturity, leadership, and problem solving skills that make a strong community.

With so many students recognizing the value of living on campus, TLU wants to thank them. The TLU Marketing Department is giving two rooms of full-time students the chance to win up to $400 to redecorate their dorm. Living on campus is a great way to express personal style, with a personalized room. Stay tuned to see how these winners show their tastes. For entry see below.