Transfer Student FAQ

Q. Where can I find Degree Plans?

A. Degree Plans are available on the Registrar page and on individual Academic Program pages.

Q. How do I know which of my credits will transfer to TLU?

A. Credits from a regionally accredited institution will transfer to TLU. That means that most students can transfer all of their credits. There are a few limitations, however. Courses that are not considered college level (developmental or remedial courses) will not transfer, technical courses used as part of a professional certification will not transfer, and courses with an earned grade lower than C- will not transfer. Also, community college students are limited to 68 hours of transfer work.

Q. How do the courses I have taken fulfill my TLU degree requirements?

A. Because our lower level (freshman and sophomore) Foundations and Dimensions of Liberal Education have so much flexibility, most students find that their coursework will fulfill some or all of those requirements, for example, English composition, math, and natural science. In addition to the dimensions, transfer credit may also fulfill the lower level components of the major requirements. Courses that do not fulfill the dimensions or major requirements can usually be used as electives. Electives are “free” courses – students can select the courses they want. Most degrees at TLU have room for electives, some as many as 25 hours.

Q. When will I know which credits will transfer?

A. If you contact the TLU transfer admissions counselor, you can get a quick unofficial evaluation of your transcript. You will then know how many hours are applicable and what kind of requirements you have fulfilled. Once you schedule an orientation date, an official evaluation will be done and you and your advisor will have a complete listing of each course and how it applies to your degree plan.

Q. Are transfer students required to submit high school transcripts?

A. Transfer students with less than 24 hours of transfer credit will be required to submit a high school transcript. Transfer students with less than 15 hours of credit will be evaluated under the requirements for first-year student admission.

Q. Will TLU accept CLEP or AP credit?

A. TLU will accept up to 30 hours of credit from AP, CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior College exams. TLU accepts the American Council on Education (ACE) minimum score for receipt of credit on these exams. In addition, credit may be available to graduates for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Q. If I am not coming to TLU right away, how can I select courses at my community college that will transfer to my degree program at TLU?

A. Our transfer guides can help you plan your course of study. Selecting courses from those guides will ensure that you are taking only those courses you will need when you arrive at TLU. Sixteen weeks is a long time to spend in a course that you really don’t need for graduation. Save time and money by using the guides to select only the courses you need.