Transfer Scholarships


Transfer scholarships are awarded based on cumulative GPA from all institutions attended.  Transfer academic scholarships are only available to students admitted as transfers and are based on full time undergraduate enrollment. Students with dual credit hours who are classified as freshmen will not be eligible for these scholarships.

Transfer Academic Excellence Award

>= 3.25    $15,000/year
3.0-3.24   $14,000/year
2.7-2.99   $13,000/year
2.5-2.69   $12,000/year

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

$3,000 per year 

You must be a member of Phi Theta Kappa at a community college to receive this scholarship. Qualifying students will receive this award in addition to any TLU academic scholarship. Only students admitted to TLU as transfer students may be considered for this scholarship.

Renewal of transfer academic scholarships is based on continued full-time enrollment and the cumulative 2.0 GPA earned at TLU. All transfer scholarships are renewable for six semesters. 



Jones Fine Arts Award (JFA)

For students who plan to major in music, music education, or theatre. Awards range from $3,000 to $5,000 per year. Students must apply for admission before they audition for an award. 

Performance Award

For students who want to participate in choir, band, orchestra, or dramatic media but who are not music or dramatic media majors. Awards range up to $3,000 per year. Students must apply for admission before they audition for an award. 

Lutheran Advantage Scholarship

For students who are Lutheran. $1,000 scholarship per year. 

Legacy Award 

For dependents of a TLU alumna or alumnus. $1,000 scholarship per year. 

Lutheran Clergy Award

For dependents of Lutheran clergy. $1,000 per year. 

Other Scholarships and Awards

Athletic Training - Up to $2,000 per year
Students interested in working toward meeting requirements for certification in athletic training may contact Prof. Brian Coulombe, director of athletic training, at 830-372-8133 or for information on how to apply for this scholarship. Students receiving this award must participate in all functions of the athletic training program. Learn more about TLU's Athletic Training program.

Community Impact Scholarship - Up to $1,000 per year (Returning Students Only)
Students demonstrating outstanding leadership through a variety of campus and community service activities may be invited to apply for this scholarship.  Learn more about the Community Impact Scholarship and apply on MyTLU (login required).

Lutheran Clergy Grant: $1,000 per year

Financial Aid

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