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TLU's Academic Scholarships Make a Private College Education More Affordable Than You Think

Ranging up to $27,000* a year, our academic scholarships make the cost of a private college education very competitive compared to the tuition, added campus and course feeds, and cost of living expenses at large public universities.  

In addition to the academic scholarships below, TLU also awards millions of dollars a year in institutional grants. Students may also qualify for federal and state grants as well as work-study and federal direct loans. Parents may apply for federal direct Parent Plus loans. To determine your eligibility for grants and federal direct loans, you must complete the FAFSA at

To see what your hard work and dedication have earned you, reference the scholarship grid below.

* ACT: composite score. SAT: evidence based reading and writing & math only. GPA: academic core classes only only. Academic scholarship amounts are subject to receiving an offer of admission. Scholarship amounts listed are for students beginning courses in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

To learn more about how TLU can help you manage your college expenses, talk to an admissions representative at 830-372-8050 or plan a visit at to speak with us in person.

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