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Allen Cain
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
High School: Stevens HS
Major: Math & Computer Science 
Why did you choose to attend TLU? Rigorous curriculum, great campus feel, opportunity to play collegiate sports
What is your favorite spot on campus? The Rinn Field House and Emma Frey
Describe TLU in 3 words. Prospering, Challenging, Life-long friends

Taylor Collins
Hometown: Canyon Lake, Texas.
High School: Canyon Lake High School.
Majors: History and Political Science.
Reason for TLU: It's such a great place to be and because of my Admissions Counselor Mandy Owen.
Favorite spot on campus: Valero Room upstairs Tschoepe Hall
TLU in 3 words: Fun, Exciting, "A great place to be!"

Alyssa Cray
Hometown: Katy, TX
High School: Seven Lakes High School
Major: Business Administration
Why did you choose to attend TLU?: I like that TLU is not too far away from home, the classes are the perfect size, and there are a lot of things to get involved in.  
Favorite spot on campus: Alumni Student Center (ASC)
3 words to describe TLU: Friendly, community, and spririted.  

Nate Eggers
Hometown: San Antonio
High School: Robert G. Cole High School
Majors: Kinesiology
Chose to attend TLU:  Small class sizes, great educational programs, and the opportunity to get involved.  
Favorite spot on Campus : ASC/ Lucky's
Describe TLU in 3 Words: Close-knit, diverse, opportunity

Shannon Hafterson
Hometown: San Antonio
High school: St. Anthony Catholic High School
Major: Psychology
I chose TLU because:  The small classes and because it is close to home but far enough to get the college experience.
Favorite spot on Campus: Fitness center
3 Words to Describe TLU: Community, Diverse, Learning

Amy Lees
Hometown: Lyford
High School: The Science Academy of South Texas
Major: Biology
Why I chose TLU: I chose TLU because of the small campus and friendly atmosphere
My favorite spot on campus is the front of Tschoepe Hall. I love sitting on the tables and doing my homework, especially when the mountain laurels have bloomed. The fragrance is amazing.
TLU in 3 words: Welcoming, Global, Inspirational.

Jessica Miles
Hometown: Comfort
High School: Comfort High School
Major: Chemistry
Chose to attend TLU: Small classes, the one-on-one with the staff and the beautiful campus.
Favorite Place on Campus: Anywhere you can see the stars at night. 
TLU in 3 words: Small, Welcoming, and Close-knit

Justin Nadeau

Zach Ojeda
Hometown: Austin, TX
High School: St. Michael's Catholic Academy
Major: Athletic Training/ Sports & Fitness Management
Why did you choose to attend TLU? Small campus, felt like "home", and the Athletic Training program
What is your favorite spot on campus? Alumni Student Center (ASC)
Describe TLU in 3 words. One big family

Magen Patterson
Hometown: New Braunfels
High school: Canyon High School
Major: Elementary Education
Why did you choose to attend TLU? I fell in love with the atmosphere on campus; small classes, helpful professors, and friendly students
What is your favorite spot on campus? Any shady spot on the library lawn.  It is a great place for reading on cool days.
Describe TLU in 3 words. Open-minded, tradition, and dedication.

Ansley Smallen
Hometown: Katy, TX
High School: Johnson High School
Major: Ahtletic Training
Chose to attend TLU because: Small school feel and close to home.  I have professors who care about my well being and success and my friends have become my family.
Favorite spot: My favorite spot is on the bench under the tree at Alumni Park, by the water fountain, so peaceful and relaxing.  (Great study place too!)
Describe TLU in 3 words: Community, personal, and influential.

Eli Von Berg
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
High School: Tom C. Clark High School
Major: Business Administration
Why did you choose to attend TLU: Small classes and the small community
Favorite spot on campus: East side of library basement
Describe TLU in 3 words: Open-minded. helpful, and close-knit

Elisa Wellnitz
Hometown: Cedar Park, TX
High School: Cedar Park HS
Major: Theology
Chose to attend TLU: I have several role-models, who had attended TLU, that really fostered my relationship with the school and those who attend/work here. The moment I stepped on campus I was a somebody, not just a number.
Favorite spot on campus: Alumni Park by the fountain is a great place to read and study. 
Describe TLU in 3 words: Opportunity, Family, and Commitment. 

Kimberly Wellnitz
Hometown: Cedar Park
High School: Cedar Park High School
Major: Psychology
Why did you choose to attend TLU: Community, size, and religious affiliation (ELCA), relationships, and Johnny Walker my Admissions Counselor
Favorite spot on campus: Bell Tower
Describe TLU in 3 words: Community, Connections/Relationships, and Opportunities

Kaitie Willet
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
High school: Ronald Reagan HS
Major: Double major in Biology (pre-vet program) and Business 
Why did you choose to attend TLU?  Being a first generation student, I had no idea what to expect in a college.  When I first visited TLU I was blown away at how welcoming everyone was.  It was so personal and I had such a great experience that I came like 8 times and brought friends each time.  I got 3 people to come to TLU with me!  I felt like this was home and truly felt like I belonged here.  Also coming from a large high school, the small class sizes really stood out to me.  Actually being able to have one-on-one time with your professors to answer my questions was so important and a major selling point to me!
Favorite spot on campus:  Krost lounge because of the pond and fish tank.  It is a good quiet place to study and I enjoy watching the fish.
Describe TLU in 3 words: Family, Personal, and Rewarding

Zachary Winkelmann
Hometown: Cypress, Texas
High School: Cypress Springs HS
Major: Athletic Training
Choose to attend TLU: The family atmosphere on campus, great academics and small classes
Favorite spot on campus: The benches near the fountain
TLU in 3 words: Inspirational, helpful and enjoyable
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