Faculty-Led Programs

TLU Faculty-led Programs

A variety of periodic study abroad programs are offered through TLU. These are typically two- to four-week programs led by a professor in May or June. "The Arts in Central Europe" covers 27 days in the Czech Republic and Poland, while "Sleeping and Dreaming" includes three weeks of travel to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary.

Tuition and program fees are applied to the fall or spring TLU invoice and financial aid can be applied towards the program. Fees, which usually range from $3,500 to $4,500 include airfare, lodging, ground transport, and group admissions on all programs. Some or all of the meals are covered, depending on the program. Students must pre-register for the respective class and affiliated lab travel portion and must have a minimum GPA of 2.25 and a good campus discipline record to participate. Applications are due in early December. Locations and course subjects vary year to year.

Detailed information about upcoming faculty-led programs is available on MyTLU.

Example Faculty-led Programs

Spain with Dr. Margaret Gonzales

Students spend two weeks sightseeing in Santiago and hiking the Camino de Santiago.
Course: English Studies 379 - Travel Narratives

Norway with Dr. Erika Deike and Dr. Casi Helbig

Students spend 10 days visiting with local athletic trainers and enjoying the outdoors with mountain hiking and biking and boating in the fjords.
Course: Kinesiology - Exercise and Sport Nutrition, Personal Well-Being 130 - Personal Well-Being, or Kinesiology 333 - Motor Skill Development

Yucatan with Dr. Fern Garza

For two weeks, students compare business practices/connections between the U.S. and Mexico while exploring the Akumal Reef and the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá.
Course: Business Administration 477 - International Business

Greece with Prof. Terry Price & Dr. Tiffiny Sia

Lectures on ancient theater, Greek mythology, and human sexuality structure this two-week tour of museums, art galleries and archeology sites, including the Acropolis.
Course: Dramatic Media 379-01- Myth, Performance, and Culture in Ancient Greece or Psychology 376 - Human Sexuality

Belgium, France & Germany with Dr. Scott Bailey & Dr. Bob Jonas

Students tour Europe for two weeks as they study beer from different academic disciplines including Psychology (tastes and influence of tastes), Biology (how yeast and hops are used in the brewing), and Chemistry (how temperatures, yeast, and wort composition affect the fermentation).
Course: Psychology 379 - Brewcraft

Belize with Dr. Mark Gustafson & Dr. Alan Lievens

Students expand their knowledge of ecological principles and environmental issues through direct experience in a developing tropical country for a week and a half. They see the rich biodiversity of the tropics, as well as they ways in which local inhabitants of the tropics interact with this biodiversity.
Course: Environmental Science 140 - Environmental Science or Biology 347 - General Ecology 

Cuba with Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez & Dr. Judy Hoffman

Students spend 10 days examining the geography, history, literature, and culture of Cuba and its relationship in the Caribbean and to the U.S.
Course: 1-3 credits in Geography, Spanish, African-American Studies or Women’s Studies

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