Future educators graduate from TLU with more than just a bachelor’s degree—they have a passion for innovation and a strong desire to promote lifelong learning.

The education program, or multidisciplinary studies major, curriculum at TLU challenges students to make connections among content, theory and practice as they construct a knowledge base; become confident of their individual teaching styles through field-based action research; and reflect on and explore contemporary educational principles and practices.

TLU's Education program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). This national accreditation publicly recognizes that the Department produces graduates who are “competent, caring, and qualified professional educators”. To ensure that students meet these standards and earn a baccalaureate degree, they take coursework in (1) liberal arts general education, (2) the content area(s) in which they plan to teach, and (3) educational pedagogy which includes extensive field experiences in public and private schools. The students’ capstone experience is one semester of student teaching.

Students in one of our education programs receive a well-rounded liberal arts education in addition to specialized content coursework, and educational pedagogy including student teaching. Students take additional coursework, a minimum of 90 hours, related to the field in which they plan to teach. Students can choose to teach at the elementary, middle school, secondary or all levels and specialize in generalist, English language, math, science, social studies, biology, history, kinesiology, Spanish or music education. All students spend a semester as a student teacher in order to gain invaluable classroom experience before seeking a professional teaching position.

Texas Lutheran University also offers a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program for those who already possess a bachelor’s degree and wish to shape the minds of future leaders within their chosen field. TLU’s Post-Bac Teacher Certification Program is authorized by the State Board of Educator Certification and meets all federal standards for an acceptable non-traditional route to certification.

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Bachelor's Degrees leading to Teacher Certification

  • Elementary Education Teaching Fields (Multidisciplinary Studies Major)
    • Generalist, EC-6 (B.S.)
  • Middle School Teaching Fields (Multidisciplinary Studies Major)
    • English Language Arts & Reading, Grades 4-8 (B.S.)
    • Math & Science, Grades 4-8 (B.S.)
    • Math, Grades 4-8 (B.S.)
    • Science, Grades 4-8 (B.S.)
    • Social Studies, Grades 4-8 (B.S.)
  • Secondary Education Teaching Fields
    • Biology Major, 7-12 Life Science Specialization (B.S.)
    • English Language Arts Major, 7-12 English Language Arts & Reading Specialization (B.S.)
    • History Major, 7-12 History Specialization (B.S.)
    • Mathematics Major, 7-12 Mathematics Specialization (B.S.)
    • Social Studies Major, 7-12 Social Studies Specialization (B.S.)
  • All Level Teaching Fields
    • Kinesiology Major, EC-12 Physical Education Specialization (B.S.)
    • Music Education (B.M.)
      • With emphasis in instrumental or vocal
    • Spanish Education Major, EC-12 LOTE: Spanish Specialization (B.S.)

For issues or complaints about this educator preparation program, email, complaints (located in red banner at the bottom of the home page), or mail Correspondence Management, Texas Education Agency, 1701 N. Congress, Austin, TX 78701.

Education Faculty

James Newberry

Professor and Department Chair

Anna Bergstrom

Lecturer & Certification Officer

Resa Cunningham

Visiting Lecturer

Leroy Davis

Asst. Professor, Education

Donna Kubena

Visiting Lecturer, Director of Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program

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