Classical Languages

Classical languages students delve into the culture, language and texts of Greek and Hebrew to further theological, sociological and cultural understanding.

Classical Languages focus on enriching and enhancing a student's major area of study by providing the opportunity to achieve reading and translating competency in Biblical Greek & Hebrew and have modest exposure to classical Greek and modern Hebrew.

Minor in Greek Studies

  • Take 18 semester hours in Greek courses, including Elementary Greek, New Testament Greek Reading and Independent Study
  • Greek Studies focuses on inflection, grammar, syntax, vocabulary and interpretation of New Testament Greek.

Minor in Hebrew Studies

  • Take 18 semester hours in Hebrew courses, including Biblical Hebrew Language & Culture and Independent Study
  • Hebrew Studies emphasizes vocabulary, inflection, syntax, grammar, and discussion of Biblical Hebrew prose and poetry along with modern Hebrew prayers and liturgies.

Classical Languages Faculty

Philip Ruge-Jones

Professor, Department Chair

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