African-American Studies

The African-American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a general introduction on the role of African-Americans in the making of the modern world. 

With a major focus on African-American history and culture, the minor also asks the student to consider issues of race and class within and beyond the borders of the United States, particularly Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Minor in African-American Studies

18 semester hours chosen from the following (of which 6 hours must be upper-division): AFAM276/THEO 276, AFAM334/HIST 334, AFAM335/HIST 335, HIST 382 (The Atlantic World), HIST 384 (South Africa), THEO 238, THEO 437, COMM 271, COMM 273, CRCJ 231, POLS 334, SOCI 231A, SOCI 373, SOCI 331, SOCI 333. Students may receive 3 to 6 hours study abroad after consultation with African-American Studies advisor.

Courses supporting the African-American Studies minor are offered in HistorySociology, Communication Studies, Political Science, Theology, and Criminal Justice.

The Center for African-American Studies 

Established in 2011, the Center for African-American Studies is an academic resource center committed to bringing academic research to the broadest possible audience, within and beyond the walls of the university. Our mission is to foster the development of the knowledge of people of African descent in North America and throughout the greater Diaspora.

African-American Studies Faculty

Rebecca Czuchry

Professor, African-American Studies Program Director

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