Minor in Mexican American Studies
Rooted in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences, the Mexican American studies minor is a relatively easy and effective way to enhance any major in any discipline by “adding” to that discipline the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the predominant ethnic group in the American Southwest, the Mexican American. It is a particularly useful minor for those students entering the teaching, medical, legal, business, or service fields.

The Center for Mexican American Studies
The Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) was established in 1971 to create new opportunities for service to the Mexican American community and to promote a greater understanding of the Mexican American experience. The CMAS offers a reading and study center equipped with computers as well as library materials on Mexican Americans. The CMAS is used as the homebase for the Mexican American Students Association (MASA), a student group with an active, open-to-all membership, and for the Latino Alumni and Friends Association at TLU.
Mexican American Students Association (MASA)

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Mexican American Alumni and Friends Association

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George G. Gonzales Endowed Scholarship
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