“What does all of this mean?

You will gain certain skills and Competencies with the completion of your Foundations and Distributions and selected classes in your major. Below is a list of skills you learn from your Compass requirements. You will be required to take at least one course with each of the Competencies below. The 11 Competencies outlined in Compass are skills that employers look for in job candidates. You will be able to show prospective employers and graduate programs that you hold these skills, which will help you stand out from other college graduates.

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (Q) 

Aesthetic Expression (A) 

Civic Engagement (V) 

Creative Thinking (C) 

Ethical Reasoning (E)

Inquiry & Analysis (I) 

Intercultural Global Knowledge (G) 

Oral Communication (O) 

Problem Solving (P) 

Scientific Literacy (S) 

Written Communication (W)

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