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Follow the instructions below to begin your assessment:

2. Click "Self Registration" from the left navigation menu.

3. Enter your Authorizing ID and just one Authorization Code.
Please note all codes are case sensitive.

4. Click "Continue".

5. Complete all required information.
You must create a unique username and password for yourself. These are different codes from the ones used in the Authorizing section. For example, you User Name could be your first initial, last name and four digits of your Social Security number. Your Password can be any word/number combination of four to eight characters.
NOTE: You are required to enter a valid e-mail address.
NOTE: Your username and password are very important and must be recorded. You will need them if you have to access the site again. 

6. Click "Reviewing Scheduling" button. Verify all information then click the "Save Scheduling" button.

7. Complete the optional demographic information, if you choose, and then click "Continue".

8. Read the agreement, then click "I Agree".

9. Complete the assessment and click "Assessment Completed" when finished.

If you have any questions contact the person that has scheduled you for the assessment.

For login information for you high school:
Contact TLU Admissions.

Session Interrupted?
If, at any time during the assessment, your session is interrupted, you may return and complete the assessment: Go to and click "Login." Use the username and password you created when signing up. Click on "My Schedule." Click on "Begin/Resume" and you will be taken to the last completed section.
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