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July 11-22, 2016

2016 Courses   |   About SSA

Instead of sitting around wondering what will fill your summer days, get ahead of your class by attending a two-week college course at TLU. You’ll earn four hours of college credit before you even start your first semester of college. When you complete the course, you’ll also earn a $500 scholarship that will be applied to your fall tuition.


If you are registering as a current high school student, meaning you will still be attending high school in fall 2016, use the Current High School Student Registration Form.

If you are registering as a high school graduate, meaning you will have graduated from high school by July 2016, use the High School Graduates Registration Form.

2016 Courses

Students will attend a three credit-hour course in the morning, plus a one credit-hour afternoon workshop. All courses are for transferable college credit and will help students get ahead in earning a bachelor’s degree.

COMM 374: Professional Speaking (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner Hall 230 | Prof. Vrooman

Everyone is nervous about speaking. The key is how you make that energy work for you. Learn how from a professor who, nerves and all, made it to the TEDx stage. Along the way we will learn, from cutting-edge research, how much we think we know about what works from the podium, really doesn’t. This is public speaking for real audiences in the real world.

DRAM 238: Acting Fundamentals (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Jones Complex | Prof. Ivey

A foundational course in performance for dramatic media, with special emphasis on relaxation, character analysis and basic systems of acting. Students will showcase their developing skills in a variety of performance contexts, including student productions.

EDUC 179: Readonomics: The Social Science of Reading (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner Hall 233 | Prof. R. Cunningham

This course examines various types of texts such as poems, song lyrics, and ads to uncover meaning in print. Students will explore the connection between music and reading while looking at authors’ tone and word choice.

ISYS 133: Application Software (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Beck Center LL05 | Prof. Shao

This class explores the interactivity and narrative of digital media through the creation of audio and video projects. Students will examine digital media as a tool for seeing, exploring, expressing, and social critique. This course is structured to provide a practical coverage of software applications common to business and personal use.

KINS 135: Foundations of Kinesiology (3 credit-hours, designed to be taken with Weight Training one-hour course)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner Hall 114 | Prof. Newberry

Students will have the opportunity to complete 4 hours of credit, including 3 hours of required course in the core for all kinesiology majors (KINS 135) and 1 hour of a conditioning course related to the 3-hour course. The KINS 135 course will introduce students to the major of kinesiology, including personal training, athletic training, physical therapy, and coaching/teaching specialty areas.

BIOL 131: Pre-Healthcare Professions Boot Camp (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Krost Science 311 | Prof. Bedgood

An introductory course in biology without lab. The class will focus on developing a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology needed to be successful in pre-health care professional studies. The class will also provide students the opportunity to gain insight into a variety of health care professions while gaining the necessary tools for academic success in health care education. This course is not a required course for biology majors.

POLS 235: International Relations (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner Hall 129 | Prof. Braaten

Students will learn why countries go to war and others don’t, whether free trade is good or not, and what exactly the United Nations does among other topics. Students will learn how to sort through arguments about these topics and make judgment calls for themselves. Students will also will learn how international relations concepts have developed and evolved throughout history for the purposes of hypothesizing what lies in the future of international politics.

SOEN 231: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner Hall 123 | Prof. Olson

Is there a social issue you are passionate about? Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world? Social entrepreneurs are changemakers. This course will introduce students to the world of changemaking. Students will learn how others have changed their worlds and how to take steps to do the same. You don’t have to wear a cape to save the world.

SPAN 375: Advanced Conversational Spanish (3 credit-hours)

MTWRF 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Langner 235 | Prof. Dickens

This course will focus on building conversational Spanish using theatric interpretation as an avenue for language learning. Students will create their own skits and will interpret scenes from classical works belonging to the Spanish drama genre. Part of class time will be spent improving grammar and syntax while developing new vocabulary and working toward a fluent and relaxed production of spoken Spanish. All students will participate in the creation of a final class film. Prerequisite: 2 semesters of Spanish or instructor’s permission.

EDUC 119A: You Crack Me Up! Study of Fractured Fairy Tales (1 credit-hour)

MTWRF 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM in Langner Hall 233 | Prof. R. Cunningham

A study of comprehension strategies for unraveling plot in fractured fairy tales and techniques for creative writing. This is a one-hour credit course.

KINS 212: Weight Training (1 credit-hour, designed to be taken with Foundations of Kinesiology course, but can be taken separately)

MTWRF 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM at the Fitness Center | Prof. Newberry

Students will have the opportunity to complete 1 hour of weight training/conditioning related to the 3-hour Foundations of Kinesiology course. This 1-hour credit course can be taken with KINS 135 or another 3-hour course.

KINS 319: Total Body Conditioning

MTWRF 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM | Prof. Deike

This class focuses on strength, cardio, flexibility and core. A variety of activities will be included such as interval training, pool workouts, Pilates, yoga, and getting familiar with the equipment in the TLU Fitness Center.

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About SSA

What is SSA?

Summer Scholars @TLU is a two-week summer program offering university-level coursework for transferable college credit to academically gifted high school students and incoming college freshmen who will be attending TLU in the fall. The academy gives students a feel for college through courses that are offered to current TLU students by some of the best professors in their fields.

When is it?

Summer Scholars 2016 will run July 11-22, concurrently with Summer Term B (short).

Who can attend?

High School Students

All students who have completed at least their freshman year in high school and have successfully taken the PSAT and/or rank in the top half of their class, and receive a strong recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor.

High School Graduates/Incoming Freshmen

Any high school graduate/incoming freshmen student who has committed to attending TLU in the fall 2016 semester, made the deposit, and registered for fall courses.


Tuition, and all associated activity fees and materials costs are included in the price of $1,400 for the two-week session. 

Students who are 18 years old by the start of class may stay overnight on campus in a residence hall. Housing and meal plans are available for an additional cost of $200 bringing the total cost to $1,600 with housing.


One student from each of the select area high schools (Seguin, Marion, Steele, Clemens, Canyon, Navarro, and New Braunfels) is eligible to receive a $350 scholarship based on academic excellence.

Students who successfully complete the 4-hour Summer Scholars program are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship to be applied to their first semester tuition at TLU. Students are required to complete a scholarship application form that will need to be approved by the SSA director before processing by the Office of Financial Aid.


Your payment balance is due upon acceptance into the SSA program.

Admission Process

  1. Apply for admission by submitting the online application.
  2. Submit your current high school transcript.
  3. Upon acceptance, you will receive notification from SSA staff and further directions on how to complete your registration. Payment instructions will be included in the acceptance notification.

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