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Summer Scholars Academy
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Check back later for the 2015 application.

July 13-25, 2014

Check back later for the 2015 application.

We are revamping Summer Scholars Academy for 2015. Check back later for more details.

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New Commuter Option

Experience SSA while commuting from home this summer if you live within 25 miles of the TLU campus. Save $450 on room & board and get the same great SSA courses and college credit.

Former SSA students talk about their experience. Read their stories!

Fernando's Story

summer academy for high school students gain skills and college credit

"Many of the skills that have made me successful at TLU came out of SSA. Being a TLU student has been the most rewarding experience of my life."

Sophomore English and history major Fernando Rover had the chance to attend SSA twice. He said he actually didn’t think of TLU as a prospective choice until after his SSA experience.

He is now a peer mentor, writing tutor, library assistant, staff writer for the Lone Star Lutheran student newspaper and is involved with Black Student Union and the TLU Choir.

“I thought I would just end up staying close to home because everyone else in my family did that,” he said. “I also thought that by attending SSA I would be better prepared for college. I felt that it would be an opportunity for me to do something others rarely get to do and something that would separate me from my high school peers. Collectively, my experience included enriching learning opportunities, being asked thought-provoking questions, meeting lifelong friends and discovering amazing qualities I didn’t even know I had. Many of the skills that have made me successful at TLU so far came out of SSA. Being a TLU student has been the most rewarding experience of my life.”

Prepare for college
Stand out from the crowd
Gain skills to make you successful

Victoria's Story

summer scholars academy for high school students gets students ready for college by earning college credit

"I attended several different programs at different schools and TLU just felt like home."

As a high school student, Victoria Barski always wanted the chance to experience college life. By attending SSA, she finally had that opportunity.

Now as a freshman business administration major, she said it was during SSA when she realized how comfortable she was at TLU.

“I attended several different programs at different schools and TLU just felt like home,” she said. “I’m having a great time and I really liked the classes I took first semester. TLU has given me the chance to meet new people from all over. My best friend is from Montana and I actually met her during SSA. It is really cool that we met and stayed friends after.”

Meet new friends
Experience college life
Earn college credits

2014 Courses

Morning Courses

  • DNA and you (Biol 119E)
    DNA and You will teach you about the basic building blocks of the human body, DNA. Want to know the sequence of your mitochondrial DNA? Or how the CSI professionals identify crime suspects from trace evidence? We’ll give you some hands-on experience dealing with DNA and bacteria (the workhorses of molecular biology) as you explore the brave new world of genetics.
  • Tell your story with Windows Live Movie Maker (ISYS 119A)
    Tell your story with Windows Live Movie Maker will teach you to make movies. Back in the day, Steven Spielberg was about your age when he made his first amateur movies with an 8 millimeter camera. Today we bring our own stories to life using the latest in digital technologies. In this course you will learn to express yourself with Windows Live Movie Maker. Then you’ll be ready for “lights, camera, action!”
  • Speak to me only with you .... HANDS! (LAND 119A)
    Speak to me only with your...HANDS! will teach you to communicate using exciting and expressive American Sign Language. Role-playing and interactive games will be used to learn about the culture of the Deaf community alongside learning the language itself, the fourth most widely used language in the United States.
  • Life Changing Experiences: Exploring psychology through hands-on activities (PSYC 119C)
    Explores how psychological knowledge can assist in understanding, evaluating, and shaping one's personal experience and relationships with others. Students will participate in hands-on activities that are meant to help them use psychology to make positive changes in their future. There will be a special focus on improving creativity, motivational, and cognitive skills.

Afternoon Courses

  • Games, Strategy, and Society (COMM 119Q)
    Angry birds. Dungeons and Dragons. Call of Duty. Settlers of Catan. Farmville. Chess. Fantasy Football. Geocaching. Rock Paper Scissors. Games are everywhere. Why? What do they mean? This class will study videogame and board game design and psychology, the social effects of gaming, the question of violence, and game theory: what we can learn from games to "play" life better. In this class you will experience many types of games and simulations, analyze them, and finally design your own.
  • Do the Write Thing: Introduction to College Composition (ENGL 119F)
    Do the Write Thing will emphasize critical thinking and the development of reading and writing skills. The primary aim is to introduce students to the caliber of work required for college-level composition courses. Primary learning activities include reading, writing papers, learning revision techniques, and maintaining blogs. In addition to writing activities, students will learn principles of argumentation and rhetoric that are essential to success in college. All of these lessons will culminate in the Photo Essay, a web-based project that incorporates principles of both written and visual rhetoric.
  • Math? No Problem! (MATH 119A)
    Come join the fun! Spend some time, both individually and collaboratively, immersed in captivating problems. Explore and contemplate! Many have come to believe that problems should be solved quickly, and those who are the fastest are the best at math. However, many exciting problems cannot be solved in minutes. So, come see what makes problem-solving and mathematics such a great field of study. Prerequisite: an inquiring mind.
  • Printmaking is culture: Comics to Graffiti to Painting (VART 199C)
    Printmaking is Culture: Comics to Graffiti to Painting will develop skills in the fundamentals of printmaking through the exploration of several printing processes. You will incorporate drawing or digital imagery to create projects that develop their personal style. Through individual and group discussion, you will analyze and critique each other’s prints as a resource for learning, expression and inspiration.

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Get discounts on your application deposit!

Application Deadline Discounts

Apply for SSA 2014 by a specific date and get a discount on your application deposit.

  • Apply by February 1, get $25 off application deposit 
  • Apply by March 15, get $15 off application deposit 
  • Apply by May 1, get $10 off application deposit

Check back later for the 2015 application.

Social Media Activity Discounts

Get rewarded for your love of social media by inviting, posting, sharing and following TLU. For completing any of the following social media activities, you'll get up to $5 off your application deposit.

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TLU Alumni Referrals

Refer a student to SSA, get a t-shirt

Do you know a motivated high school student looking for a great summer program? Refer them to TLU’s Summer Scholars Academy and you could receive a free t-shirt, courtesy of TLU Admissions.

How it works:

  1. Tell a student about SSA.
  2. They apply, get accepted and attend SSA.
  3. You get a t-shirt.

The student must attend SSA 2014 in order for you to receive a t-shirt. To make sure you receive your t-shirt for your referral, email with your name, class year, address (where we should send your t-shirt), t-shirt size and the name of the student you referred. If the student attends SSA, we’ll notify you and send you a t-shirt as a token of our appreciation. Limit one t-shirt per person.

Don’t let that academically gifted student you know miss out on earning college credit and experiencing college life while still in high school!

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About SSA

What is SSA?

The Summer Scholars Academy is a two-week summer academy for high school students who have completed their freshman year. Students enroll in two one-credit-hour courses, chosen from a list of courses submitted by faculty members and approved by TLU departments and colleges. Each course has 2 ½ contact hours per day. There will be a break in the morning, a break for lunch, and a break in the afternoon. The purpose of the academy is to showcase the TLU experience through coursework, contact with outstanding faculty, and exposure to the campus.

When is it?

SSA 2014 will run July 13-25. Scholars will arrive on campus on Sunday, July 13, move into their residence halls, and attend an opening convocation and reception, at which time they will meet the academy faculty and staff. Classes will begin Monday, July 14 and end on Friday, July 25. Closing activities will be held on Friday, following the last class period.

Who can attend?

YOU, that’s who! All students who have completed at least their freshman year in high school and have not yet graduated high school and meet the following criteria:

  • Have successfully taken the PSAT and/or rank in the top half of their class
  • Receive a strong recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor


Deposit, tuition, room, board, books, and all associated activity fees and materials costs are included in the price of $1,400 for the two-week academy for resident scholars. New in 2014, scholars living within a 25-mile radius of TLU may choose to commute. Deposit, tuition, meals, books, and all associated activity fees and materials costs are included in the price of $950 for commuter scholars. A $100 deposit must accompany your application. The remaining balance is due by July 1. Need-based financial aid is available. To apply for financial aid please submit the Financial Aid Request Form.

Admission Process

  1. Apply for admission by submitting the Online Application and insert your credit card information to pay your $100 deposit. You can use the Online Application

    with a credit card or e-check.

  2. Submit your Recommendation Letter

    and current high school transcript.

  3. Upon acceptance, you will receive notification from SSA staff and further directions on how to complete your registration.

Purpose of SSA

When you go to college, you enter a whole new world: new room, new roommate, new classes, and new expectations. It can be a tough transition. The college search is about finding more than just the right major, but the right fit and the right experience. SSA gives you a taste of the future, and lets you "try on" the college experience, so that when the future arrives, you’ll be ready for it.


Texas Lutheran University is a private, undergraduate university of the liberal arts, sciences and professional studies. TLU is located in Seguin (population 25,000), approximately 35 miles east of San Antonio and 50 miles south of Austin. Enrollment at TLU is approximately 1400 undergraduate students. TLU has been repeatedly recognized by national publications such as U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review.

As a SSA student, you will have access to university facilities, including: library, computer labs, bookstore, snack bar and lounge, swimming pool, racquetball and tennis courts and the fitness center.

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Ways to pay for SSA

Here are some tips to get you started on raising funds to attend SSA!

  • Ask a local business to sponsor you. Sometimes restaurants will agree to donate a percentage of their sales for one evening to a good cause. That’s you — you are an investment in the future!
  • Ask your church community for financial help. Some churches have ministries dedicated to helping young members realize their dreams.
  • Have a good old-fashioned car wash.
  • Save babysitting or pet-sitting money. Ask relatives to match your earnings. (Hey, it can’t hurt to ask!)
  • Begin a small lawn-mowing business.
  • Ask local civic groups for support. Lions, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus… these groups have a vested interest in your future, too. Write a persuasive letter stating what you hope to accomplish.
  • Ask neighbors to donate gently used items for a garage sale.
  • Inquire with school clubs and organizations about scholarships for summer academic programs. Many Gifted and Talented Programs offer such help.
  • Inquire with the TLU admissions office using the Financial Aid Request Form. You may qualify for need-based financial assistance.
  • All of the above... or, get creative and send us an email about how you found a way to pay for SSA!

Dream Big. You can do it!

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